My Child Myself

My Child Myself

Parenting as a Path of Inner Development 

While many parenting programs focus on outer skills, My Child Myself builds inner practices and capacities.  Using dynamic 7 fold processes in each term, parents practice receiving individualized knowledge unique to their parenting and new forces for their busy lives.  The program is incremental, in that each term builds on previous capacities.   Programs can also be taken as individual courses.   Simple artistic exercises accompany the sessions.

Year One

Child Observation  

Experience a new way to be present with your child.  Increase your awareness  of your child as a being of body, soul and spirit.  Open the door to new understandings and insights about yourself and your child with the 7 fold path.

Human Development 

Learn about the stages of human development and how your child is individualizing the universal human journey.   Use the mirror of your own ‘growing up’ to re-enliven your understanding of the journey through childhood and into adulthood.  Gain new perspectives and forces for parenting.

My Child’s Angel 

Behind each of us stands our angel who wishes to give us strength.  Find a question about your child for which you seek guidance.  Follow a 7 session process to connect to your child’s angel who wishes to unite with you in supporting your child.

Year Two

My Child My Karma 

To consider karma is to open to the idea of past lives and to how the past is still part of your life and your relationships.  Karma work challenges us to new levels of understanding, development and healing.  Through the seven weeks you will awaken to your past and build capacities to meet your child in a new way.

My Family My Karma 

Building on the fall term, we now turn to the karma that we have created with family members as a result of past lives.  What is the meaning & purpose of this karma?  What capacity is needed to meet the situation in a new way?   Karma is the heart of transformation work and when taken up with interest and re-newed intentions, it brings healing forces to the ‘other’ and to ourself.

My Karma My Destiny 

Working with karma develops the capacities of heart sensing and speaking. With growing capacities the focus now turns to life intention and work.  Each new incarnation brings the possibility of awakening to future karma on one’s own unique destiny path. This final karma term awakens the will and courage to speak the Word within.

Cost per term:

  • $200 on location for group sessions.
  • $300 for individual sessions