New Adult Learning

The New Adult Learning Movement (NALM) offers 3 paths of learning based on dynamic 7 fold processes.  New Adult Learning processes are being used and developed by adult educators, personal coaches, mentors, therapists, community development facilitators and social innovators all over the world.

While I was in Taiwan, I was working with the New Adult Learning Processes.
It was amazing….not all, but many of the students took the five images from the process we did at the end of each of the five days and made a poem, collage or painting.  One student gathered small “icons” ~~ a pine cone, a ribbon etc ~~ and put them with a poem into a glass jar with a beautiful cork stopper.  Many said that the daily ending was the most meaningful because it required them to “own” the material.

I taught at LifeWays in October 2016 and used the process twice, at the end of two blocks of teaching.  The students were, again, totally engaged in making it their own.  So, I just wanted to say Thank You!  I am honored to join you in this work, even this little bit.”  Sharifa Oppenheimer, Heaven on Earth, A Handbook for Parents of Young Children

I am an adult educator in my life and work.  This course was the first time I experienced the group as really part of the learning.  The safe and trusting space led to an opening up. This way of learning points to the future.”  Li Zhang, Chengdu Teacher Training, China.   New Adult Educator 2016/18

The New Adult Educator is a practical methodology to transform myself and help transform the community.  By following the processes with others, I develop interest in them and they open themselves to me and our relationship develops.” Andrea He, My Child Myself Facilitator,  New Adult Educator 2016/18