New Adult Learning: 

Processes for Creating the New in the Self and the World

Here are a few testimonials about the programs:

“After these 7 paintings,  a co-worker says she has never experienced self-development like this.  The New Adult Learning brings spirit which none of the other methods she has experienced have: therapy, Landmark programs. Pursuit of Excellence. Demartini. etc.  She says this is the breakthrough that humanity is searching for. ”  – Kathleen Thompson, Edmonton,  Lionsheart Wholeness, April 2020
“The week at your cottage was the highlight of my year and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your support.”  
– Fiona Hughes, Toronto, New Adult Educator2019/20
“The many words of appreciation from parents and teachers who have participated in the My Child Myself programs over the years affirms its value for them and the school.  I am most aware, however, of the developing opportunity it has provided for me personally.  It has been a privilege to work with the amazing program you created and to co-facilitate it with Carol.”  – Connie White Fall 2018, My Child Myself Facilitator, London Waldorf School, Ontario
“I had a class of two and we read Elan Leibner’s article on Steiner’s second teacher’s meditation and then I facilitated us through the 7 Fold Loop.  They were amazing and we all had a deeply profound experience.  It made me feel incredibly grateful AGAIN for this learning, and for the powerfully transformative 9 days we shared last August. I just wanted to share my deep appreciation.”  – Susie Chin, Waldorf Academy Pedagogical Chair,  Toronto,  March  2020
“I completed the nine Association of Anthroposophical Psychology seminars in March, 2017 at Rudolf Steiner College.  At the last seminar, I found a path forward into the New Adult Learning Movement,  which is only presented in one place in all of North America: Ontario, Canada.  And there I went.  I felt a profound depth of wisdom, love and awakening of the will.  The space is created and held so firmly so that transformation can happen in the individual.  I want everyone to learn this stuff!” – Asharaine Machala, Whidbey Island, Washington,  New Adult Educator 2017/18