New Adult Educator 2017/18 – Ontario 

Develop an understanding of the principles and processes of the New Adult Learning approach to learning.   Practice the 3 paths of individualized and independent knowledge, ongoing transformation and creativity.  Further your abilities to facilitate learning and offer mentorship from a deeper level.  Join a forum of educators advancing the art of personal, professional and community development.

The New Adult Educator’s curriculum follows the learning paths developed by Coenraad van Houten, author of Awakening the Will, Practicing Destiny,  The Threefold Nature of Destiny Learning and Creative Spiritual Research. A network of professionals in the New Adult Learning Movement can be found  at

The program is offered in one week intensives and is residential.  Other locations are possible.

The Seven Fold Path ~ Week One

Learn and practise the principles and processes of the 7 fold learning path,     that moves from self knowledge to a wisdom filled worldview and onto newly awakened creative forces for life.  Develop your skills of facilitating selfless observation, independent thinking, inner practices and conscious living.  Movement, nature study and watercolour painting.

Karma and Destiny ~ Week Two

Step into the heart of transformational learning and discover that each human encounter holds the potential for revealing past karma and future capacities.  Facilitate the path of the middle between the self and the other.   Movement, nature study, pastel exercises.

Creative Spiritual Research ~ Week Three

If karma and destiny is the heart of transformational learning, then Creative Spiritual Research is the crown.  Support individuals as they re-create themselves.  Ignite a conscious relationship to their life intentions and individualizing human spirit.  Accompany them as they become co-creators of the new spirit-inspired culture.  Speech, nature study, veil painting.

Pre-Requisite:  Participants are required to have completed a Connections or My Child Myself Year 1 & 2 program or Foundations Studies or other foundational & self-development course or be currently enrolled.  Readings are required for each session and available upon enrolment.


Week 1 –  Adult Learning Processes  – Sunday, July 30 – Tuesday August 8, 2017 – Register by June 1st, 2017

Week II – The Path Inward – TBA

Week III – The Path Outward – TBA

The week starts with a dinner at 5:30 on the opening day and ends at lunch on the closing day at approximately 2:00.

Cost per week: $600 plus $100 food costs.  Scholarships are available upon request.    The program can also be offered in other locations where there is sufficient interest.

The intensives are held at a cottage in the Parry Sound, Ontario and at a farm in Calgary.    A limited number of beds are available. Tenting is also an option.  Participants will share in creating meals.   The Week II intensive is offered in a location suitable to the group and Week III at the cottage in Parry Sound 2018.  The New Adult Educator program is offered by Arlene Thorn and associates.

Contact for more details and to register.