Organizational Development

Leading Learning Communities 


Taking on a leadership role develops wisdom, courage and forces of dedication and individualism. Each of us brings our unique talents and gifts to these positions until we meet thresholds that ask for something new. How do we develop the new in our leadership and in challenging situations?

The New Adult Learning offers processes for personal, professional, organizational and community development. They are being used by individuals offering leadership in the Waldorf school movement.  They are also being used in organizational development.  

The Trillium Waldorf School used the processes to move their school forward into a capital expansion.   The London Waldorf School has offered the My Child Myself parent programs for ten years and with the faculty in professional development.   The Halton Waldorf School developed a Heart Group for community members for personal and community development.  

“The processes went in deeply and worked on me.  I see the pattern to my trigger moments that happen over and over.  The night work becomes my teacher.  I can see myself.  I’m saying ‘yes’ to a lot more things now”.  Halton Waldorf School Heart Group Parent, Spring 2022

“As a healer, I am less interested in doing lectures and formal presentations and more in working with the New Adult Learning processes, especially in a retreat setting as I have found this to be the most “productive” way to learn and practice wellness, spiritual growth and self development in a community context.”  Fiona Hughes, June 2022  


Arlene Thorn offers the New Adult Educator program as professional development for facilitating new capacities in self, family, community and organizations.  Graduates of the program find themselves stepping into serving Waldorf communities and anthroposophical organizations.  Arlene worked in Community Development at the Toronto Waldorf School for 10 years and then as the Adult Educator Coordinator at the Rudolf Steiner Centre for 7 years.   She took the Art of Administration and Community Development program at Sunbridge College N.Y and then joined their Board for 7 years.  She is leading the development of a Waldorf school initiative in Thunder Bay, Ont. and offers three-one week intensives in becoming a New Adult Educator.  See the New Adult Educator program on this site.  

“I have taken the New Adult Educator facilitator’s training and bring the New Adult Learning (NAL) into my work as a Rudolf Steiner College Canada (RSCC) Foundation Studies Distance mentor and as a RSCC HEART Director and mentor, as an independent Education Consultant, and Life in the Home Coach. It is truly transformative and has totally changed how I work with the FS material for/with each student. It is also the basis in which the HEART program works with the material.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

EVERY student who I have had the privilege of bringing various aspects of this work has expressed how truly transformational the NAL processes are. Often, when the students finish the course, they ask about other professions/personal development courses to explore because they are so hungry for this transformational work. I certainly recommend all of the programs that are offered through NALM.  

I wish I knew about the NAL work ages ago! As I’m sure many of you may already know, the remarkable thing about New Adult Learning approach is that it can applied or woven into so many different fields of study and trainings. It is truly universal while at the same time fosters an awakening and conscious transformation of the individual, which in turn ignites clarity, warmth and enthusiasm for one’s work in the world. 

I would highly recommend to any mentor who has not explored this work to connect with the NAL.  You will not be the same nor will your work – and I mean this in a good way!    All will be invigorated and renewed.”  Marg Beard, NAE 2019/20