Professional Development

Are you in the fields of education and trainings, the helping professions or business?  Are you meeting inner and outer challenges in moving your work life forward?  Are you longing to bring the NEW for the self, other and the world?  

The New Adult Educator is a professional development program for educators, mentors, facilitators, coaches, administrators, therapists and those in leadership and the human resource fields. The individual human being is seen as an integrated entity of physical, soul, and spiritual substance and the new key to the evolution of the cosmos.  It develops capacities of individual learning, ongoing transformation and creativity.  

Curriculum based on 7 fold learning is available for parent, personal, professional and organizational development following the completion of a New Adult Educator Program.  Research Retreats and Intensives are offered annually for graduates of the New Adult Educator Program.   

Join a forum of individuals who are changing themselves and the world through learning processes based on sevenfoldness.