CONNECTIONS  Ontario – A new cycle begins!

Path 1 Retreat + Online Conference

September 28 – October 2, 2023  at Muskoka Cottage 


October 13 – 15, 2023  Online

Each person is born with unique talents, challenges, and life intention.  While life brings us experiences by which we learn, stepping onto a conscious path of development enriches our gifts and connects us to the new for the self, the other, and the world.  Connections develops capacities of individual learning and ongoing transformation.  The program is for personal and professional development. Connections can be be offered in 3 one-week intensives, a series of 10 weekend sessions, 3 – 8 week 2 hour online sessions or a combo of in-person and online weekends.  We welcome inquiries.


  • Path 1 – Sevenfold Learning  – Practicing transforming knowledge into new wisdom
  • Path 2 – The Path Inward – Awakening to karma and destiny
  • Path 3 – Creative Spiritual Research  – Co-creating the new in the self and world

Path 1 – The Sevenfold Path

Learn and practice the sevenfold path that moves from self knowledge to a wisdom-filled worldview and onto newly awakened creative forces for life.  Movement and Watercolour Painting.

Path 2 – The Path Inward  

Step onto the path of karma and experience how your past is both holding you back and leading you forward.   Remember your destiny intention, which has the potential to transform your moon karma into sun karma. Movement & Pastel Exercise

Path 3 – Creative Spiritual Research

We were once naturally in communication with the spiritual world.  As we evolved, we lost this connection and can now cultivate our relationship consciously through our interests, intentions, and initiative.   Become a co-creator with spirit and live into your unique destiny. Speech & Clay Work.

Connections Ontario 2023/24

Renew yourself in cottage country in the Muskoka, Ontario area away from the daily pressures of life. Nourish your body and soul with study, nature, art.  All food served will be home-cooked and organic as much as possible.  Weekend cottage retreat to be followed up with an online weekend.  

Program:     This CONNECTIONS Path 1 Conference is in three parts. Part 1 starts with an in-person weekend at a cottage in Muskoka beginning with dinner at 5:30 on Thursday, September 28/23 and ending after lunch and clean-up on the Monday, October 2 at 2pm.  The second part of the CONNECTIONS Program Path 1 consists of two weeks in which you have time to work on, grow and bring new insights, on your own, into what you experienced during your time at the cottage. Part 3 of the CONNECTIONS Path 1 program is online via Zoom in which we will meet in the evening on Friday, Oct 13 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm to regroup and share what has transpired, Saturday, Oct 14, 9:30am – 11:30am and 3pm – 5pm to grow the learning process, and Sunday, October 15 from 9:30am to NOON to plant the seeds for the future and bring the CONNECTIONS Path 1 to a close. All session will include a combination of movement, presentations, group exercises, nature observation, art exercises, sharing and discussions.  

Investment:    $1300, which includes food, accommodation as well as the on-line portion of the program.  Fees are available on a sliding scale according to need.  Please contact  

The program is being offered by Fiona Hughes and Marg Beard.  Fiona is a health coach and consultant who works with individuals to improve wellbeing, with groups running workshops, and with organizations developing strategies to deliver health and care. With a degree in medicine from the University of Witten/Herdecke, a cultural studies degree from Trent University, and training in anthroposophical medicine and new adult learning, Fiona is passionate about healing, karma, and creating the new. 

Marg Beard hails from Wingham, Ontario and presently facilitates the NAL My Child Myself program as well as the My Home, Family and Community program. Both programs invite participants to engage in learning processes that allow for the discovery of a deeper sense of who they are and who they are striving to become as parents and/or creators of home, thus transforming the wisdom that lives in them to becoming the NEW for what is needed. As a NAL Educator, Marg has also brought the transformative work of the New Adult Learning into her work as a Rudolf Steiner College Canada (RSCC), Toronto, Foundation Studies Distance mentor and as a RSCC HEART co-Director, as well as into her work as an independent Education Consultant, and Life in the Home Coach, through her private practice, KALLIAS.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Click here to download an interview Fiona did with the Rev. Jonah Evans for “The Light in Everything” podcast in Decembewith OWe