The Three Learning Paths in Brazil in 2024

With Fiona Hughes

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The New Adult Educator (NAE) is a professional development program for educators, mentors, facilitators, coaches, administrators, therapists and those in leadership and the human resource fields. It develops the capacities of individual learning, ongoing transformation and creativity. 

The program is based on Anthroposophy, and the three-fold learning path developed by Coenraad van Houten and his colleagues. It is taught in three modules, each one devoted to one of the learning paths and offered in 3 nine-day intensives.   


  • Path 1 – Learning to Learn 
  • Path 2 -Destiny Learning 
  • Path 3 – Creative Spiritual Research  

Learning to Learn 

In the ‘Information Age’ each person must find their way to bring life and creative forces to abstract knowledge. In this module we will learn and practice the sevenfold path that moves from self knowledge to a wisdom-filled worldview and into newly awakened creative forces for life. 

We will find new ways to make knowledge operational in daily life and to absorb and integrate it. Learning becomes a living process that generates life energy instead of consuming it, which enlivens us and rejuvenates our soul and body. Our spirit is challenged and the will awakens.
These basic processes can be applied to every field of learning.

To deepen our understanding of this path, we work with Watercolor Painting.

Destiny Learning

In this module, we step onto the path of karma and experience how our past is both holding us back and leading us forward. 

Here we look at life experiences as learning opportunities in trying to find the karmic backgrounds of daily life events and their hidden learning tasks. The aim is to free imprisoned forces that we need for our development, our projects and our creativity.

There are 3 main stages to Destiny Learning that help us to keep healthy balance and positivity while going on the journey of self discovery. The 3 stages are:

  • recognizing and understanding the meaning of our life experiences
  • transforming old resistances to new capacities
  • reordering our lives according to our freed potential and rediscovered life task

In this module we work with soft pastels to deepen our understanding of the material. 

Creative Spiritual Research

We were once naturally in communication with the spiritual world.  As we evolved, we lost this connection. In our modern times we cultivate this relationship with the spiritual world consciously through our interests, intentions, and initiative.  This path of learning helps to develop the faculties that each of us needs to create new answers to the challenges of our times.

The work in this stage will guide you to find your way back into your life circumstances with new possibilities, to realize your own potential and your contribution to the world.

Creativity becomes a central field of investigation and application. Become a  co-creator with spirit and live into your unique destiny. 

In this module we work with Clay and Speech Exercises.

The Program 

The program is done in a series of residential intensives and the cost of accommodation and food is included in the program fee.  The week begins with an evening dinner at on the opening day and ends at lunch on the closing day. We open each day with a morning presentation and then a break.  The second part of the morning is group discussion or individual exercises and nature observation. Following lunch there is a rest time, free time, and then art exercises, followed by a review of the day. The evening session varies, with study, sharing learning, and activities.

Fiona Hughes

Fiona Hughes is a health coach who works with patients to improve health and wellbeing using anthroposophical remedies and therapies. She also teaches health and nutrition workshops at Rudolf Steiner College Canada.

Fiona grew up in a Waldorf household, is a graduate of Toronto Waldorf School, and the mother to two children who also attended a Waldorf school. Her grandfather was the first person to bring anthroposophical remedies to Canada where he distributed them from his basement – in Fiona’s memory a sacred place of mystery and beauty. 

While completing her BA in cultural studies at Trent University, Fiona cared for her brother when he was dying with AIDS. This experience inspired her to consider how the conventional medical system could be improved.

After a year spent studying homeopathy in Vancouver, she moved to Germany to train in both conventional and anthroposophical medicine at the University of Witten / Herdecke. Unable to obtain a residency position upon her return to Canada, Fiona worked for six years as the medical consultant and health futurist at Idea Couture, a management consulting firm in downtown Toronto. In this role she co-wrote two books, Futures of Health and Care, and Futures of Aging . After the company was bought by a large multinational, Fiona worked for a year with Hesperus Fellowship Community, an anthroposophical retirement home to develop a vision for care and a curriculum for aging. It was at this time that Fiona encountered the New Adult Learning training.

Now a New Adult Educator herself, Fiona is passionate about facilitating spiritual connection using the learning and artistic processes in retreat settings. In her experience the processes are a profound method for healing, self-development, living with intention, and for revealing karma.


Module 1– March 24-April 1, 2024

Module 2– May 23-31, 2024

Module 3– October 20-28 2024


The course will happen outside the city of Florianopolis on the Island of Santa Catarina in the South of Brazil. The Island of Santa Catarina is a tourist destination for people from all around the world, with its 43 beautiful beaches, two freshwater lakes and beautiful hikes and sceneries. 

Our residential training will be held at the Recanto Champagnat, a spacious retreat center on top of a mountain, overlooking the sea and the beautiful Conception Lake.
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Lael Katharine Keen (–for information in English please write to Lael) and Waldyvia de Paula Machado


The course will be taught in English with translation into Portuguese


The course will be limited to 14 participants.


Observation: The price of each module includes lodging and food (3 meals and two coffee breaks per day). There will be vegetarian and organic options for the food.



  • Investment per module with a single room without discount

US $ 1,450.00

Food and Lodging per moduleUSD$ 550.00
Workshop price per moduleUSD $ 900.00
Total por módulo sem descontoUSD $1,450.00
  • Investment per module (single room) with  discount USD$ 1,250.00
Food and Lodging per moduleUSD$ 550.00
Workshop Price per ModuleUSD$ 700.00
Total per module with discountUSD$ 1,250.00
  • Investment per module (double room) without discount


Food and Lodging per moduleUSD$ 500.00
Workshop price per moduleUSD $ 900.00
Total per module without discountUSD $1,400.00
  • Investment per module (double room) with discount

USD$ 1,200.00

Food and Lodging per moduleUSD$ 500.00
Workshop Price per ModuleUSD$ 700.00
Total per module with discountUSD$ 1,200.00

What do I need to do to get the discount?

You will receive the discount when you pay a non-refundable deposit of half the price of the three modules by November 30, 2023.

Further Information

contact: Lael Katharine Keen at or on Whats App +55 48 99946-6561

*****Important Observation!!!

Since this is a 3 module training and costs are calculated to be able to pay the teaching, travel and translation costs throughout the three modules, participation (and payment) for all three modules is a necessary condition for those who sign up.