New Adult Educator Program West – Path 1 – Langley, B.C., August 2019

“Take it Through the LoopING” by Susie Chin, Sung to the tune of the Eagles song “Take It To The Limit”

“Here we are at the end of the evening.

The last one we will spend for a while.

There’ve been dinners, there’ve being meetings, there’ve been ups, backs, arounds, and downs.

So if we’re looking for some learning, 

Here’s the best place to be.

If we’re wanting to grow,

Among great big giant trees.

And we’re wondering what to believe in…

And we’re puzzlin’ and puzzlin’,

What to do???

So jump onto the LoopING,

1,6,7, 2 through 5.

Take it through the LoopING

One more time.

You can spend all your time reading Steiner.

Or you can think materialistically.

But real learning is amazing!

Especially when it’s done


So we’ve always been the dreamers. 

But nobody seemed to care.

We couldn’t find our friends.

Couldn’t find them anywhere.

But then here WE all gathered!

And we WILLED it out,

And FELT it out,

And THOUGHT it out!!!

We took it through the LoopING

1,6,7,2 through 5

We took it through the LoopING

One more time.

We took it through the LoopING,

Took it through the LoopING,

We took it through the LoopING,

One more time!”

Susie Chin, New Adult Educator West – Path 1, August 2019