New Adult Educator Research / Retreat Week ~ March 29 – April 5, 2020

A group of New Adult Educators met daily for a week by Zoom March 29-April 5.  We have gathered for many years at the “cottage” for a week of study, art, and a Creative Spiritual Research question.  This week was from each of our “home bases” and the first time we’ve done a retreat this way.               Here are a few reviews: 

 “Through this retreat I have entered into a much deeper understanding of the vastness of the Anthroposophical knowledge and path than ever before.    It seems I have been coasting along for many years and am now opening to embracing more. I have always related easily to Waldorf pedagogy but have resisted embracing the essential aspect of Anthroposophy. There is still resistance to take it to my heart, but it’s starting to live in my thinking.                      –Connie White, London 

“It was a remarkable week!  Despite the distance and the use of technology, I felt a wonderful sense of Oneness!  How my heart soared! What each of you shared continues to live with me along with my own explorations. When I look at my paintings, I think of each of you.”   – Marg Beard, Wingham

Laurie-Harper Burgess sent this music video “Joy” following the week: