New Adult Educator Program East – Week II, Feb. 28 – March 8, 2020

Path II ~ Destiny Learning , Meaford, Ont.

“Perhaps it was the arrival in a snowstorm, the blanketed silence of the farm, and the crunch of snow underfoot in the boots Fiona conjured for my safe footfall. The joy of meeting the four friends from the summer at the lake and the reassurance of seeing Arlene. Singing together before our wholesome and colourful meals and even the joy of doing the dishes together. 

The rituals and the routines of our rhythmic days. Listening to night echoes and awakening the ability to re-member our dreams. The trust given to each other; the gentle facilitation of our partner’s journey and theirs of ours. The give and take as we delved deep into karmic memory. Or was it the morning movement circle, especially as we strode out the Valiant Knights’ seven-pointed star in the crisp morning air, by the barn of Bonnieview Farm? 

Or perhaps it was the realization of the power of colour as my transforming drawing turned and looked out over the land and suffused me with relief and wonder. All of these moments were precious and real. This work opens my heart and wakes my vision, and its power to transform the burden of karma truly speaks to the spiritual hygiene it offers. It seems especially pertinent at this present point of crises in our shared world story.” – An offering from the Antipodean.  Dale Irving, Australia

Our time together was truly transformative, particularly in the opening of my heart.  It was a blessing to be in the strong rhythm of the day, that is so protective and healing and so difficult to achieve in the busyness of our daily lives.  But the bright lights, the jewels that first flash up in my mind when I remember our gathering are the one-on-one conversations with others in the group that occurred in transition times: doing the dishes, chopping vegetables, or out on a walk.  In these moments, I got to know you individually.  The week was a gift.  – Donna Huston, Duncan, B.C.

” …. I had resistance to the idea that we could “wake up” to our past lives  because I didn’t realize that it was not with my head that I would be comprehending past lives but rather with my heart.  In a very short time, in an atmosphere of pure love and trust, I was honoured to work with karma — and through experiences that arose from creative processes that we were guided through in groups, I was able to transform for myself those barriers and beliefs. I realized in a completely new way that my concepts and experiences of “self” are coloured by our double. 

My judgement of others in my biography was transformed by the question: “What ails thee because of me?” I met my double and rather than slay it or judge it, I learned to transform it, even to love it and from here forward commit to working together with it.  Evil and darkness, in ourselves and in the world, are asking to be met and to be redeemed. The Manichean Path is to love evil into goodness. Could there possibly be a more worthy task?  I am eternally grateful to have melted the barriers to past lives so as to awaken even more to my destiny, which is to serve humanity.” Nicolette Genier, The Community Farm Store, Freya-Sophia Waldorf Store, The Sol Centre, Duncan, B.C.  

“A passionate facilitator, Arlene created a modern initiation experience, a sacred space where we could face and begin to transform our shadow selves.  Working with transformational processes and artistic exercises, we learned to conduct healing conversations—to apply “heart knowing” to really see and connect with others and with ourselves. Nourishing meals, daily rhythms, and a supportive learning environment helped us to do the inner work required to bring destiny learning to our communities, and to the world. ” – Fiona Hughes, Toronto

New Adult Educator Program West – Path 1 – Langley, B.C., August 2019

“Take it Through the LoopING” by Susie Chin, Sung to the tune of the Eagles song “Take It To The Limit”

“Here we are at the end of the evening.

The last one we will spend for a while.

There’ve been dinners, there’ve being meetings, there’ve been ups, backs, arounds, and downs.

So if we’re looking for some learning, 

Here’s the best place to be.

If we’re wanting to grow,

Among great big giant trees.

And we’re wondering what to believe in…

And we’re puzzlin’ and puzzlin’,

What to do???

So jump onto the LoopING,

1,6,7, 2 through 5.

Take it through the LoopING

One more time.

You can spend all your time reading Steiner.

Or you can think materialistically.

But real learning is amazing!

Especially when it’s done


So we’ve always been the dreamers. 

But nobody seemed to care.

We couldn’t find our friends.

Couldn’t find them anywhere.

But then here WE all gathered!

And we WILLED it out,

And FELT it out,

And THOUGHT it out!!!

We took it through the LoopING

1,6,7,2 through 5

We took it through the LoopING

One more time.

We took it through the LoopING,

Took it through the LoopING,

We took it through the LoopING,

One more time!”

Susie Chin, New Adult Educator West – Path 1, August 2019