New Adult Educator


New Adult Educator East 2019/20 – Path 3 –  August 9 – 16, 2020 

New Adult Educator West 2019/20 – Path 2 – July 31 – August 8, 2020 

New Program Cycles begin Summer  2021 

Are you in the fields of education and trainings, the helping professions or business?  Are you meeting inner and outer challenges in moving your         work life forward?  Are you longing to bring the NEW?   

The New Adult Educator is a professional development program for educators, mentors, facilitators, coaches, administrators, therapists and those in leadership and the human resource fields. It develops capacities of individual learning, ongoing transformation and creativity.  The program is  offered in 3 ten day intensives.  We welcome enquiries about creating programs in other locations and times.

“After these 7 paintings,  a co-worker says she has never experienced self-development like this.  The New Adult Learning brings spirit which none of the other methods she has experienced have: therapy, Landmark programs. Pursuit of Excellence. Demartini. etc.  She says this is the breakthrough that humanity is searching for. ”   Kathleen Thompson, Edmonton,  Lionsheart Wholeness, April 2020


  • Path 1 – Sevenfold Learning  – Practicing transforming knowledge into new wisdom
  • Path 2 – Destiny Learning – Awakening to karma and one’s destiny
  • Path 3 – Creative Spiritual Research  – Co-creating the new in the self and world

The Sevenfold Path

Learn and practice the sevenfold path that moves from self knowledge to a wisdom-filled worldview and onto newly awakened creative forces for life.  Movement and Watercolour Painting.

Destiny Learning 

Step onto the path of karma and experience how your past is both holding you back and leading you forward.   Remember your destiny intention, which has the potential to transform your moon karma into sun karma. Movement & Pastel Exercises.

Creative Spiritual Research

We were once naturally in communication with the spiritual world.  As we evolved, we lost this connection and can now cultivate our relationship consciously through our interests, intentions, and initiative.   Become a co-creator with spirit and live into your unique destiny. Speech & Clay Work.

New Adult Educator East 2019/20 – Path 3 –  August 9 – 16, 2020 

New Adult Educator West 2019/20 – Path 2 – July 31 – August 8, 2020  

Path 1 is offered in the first summer.  Path 2 is offered mid-year depending on the participants’ availability. Path 3 will be offered the following summer.   A new cycle of the program is offered every two years.  

The program is residential and the cost of accommodation is included in the program fee.  The summer weeks in Ontario are offered at a cottage in the Parry Sound, Ontario area.  A limited amount of beds are available.  Pitching a tent is a nice option.  The western group gathers at a farm in Langley B.C.  The mid-year intensives are offered in a location suitable to the group. 

Program Schedule: The week starts with a dinner at 5:30 on the opening day and ends at lunch on the closing day at approximately 2:00. The weeks are residential intensives. Participants share in creating meals. The program opens each day with movement;  a morning presentation and then a break.  The second part of the morning is group discussion and nature observation. Following lunch there is a rest time, free time, and then art exercises, followed by a review of the day. The evening session varies, with study, sharing learning, and activities.

Cost per Path is $1100 – $700 for the program, $200 for food and $200 for accommodation.  Payment is to be made in advance of each session.  Scholarships are available upon request to